Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Group A (Ger/CRC/Pol/Ecu) Preview

Most likely favourites: really hard to tell. Germany have the best squad. Jens Lehmann will be more of a success than Oliver Kahn in net - just look at his 11 game shutout streak in the Champions League. But Germany's defence lacks depth.

Ecuador have been doing all right in their last few games . Christian Lara will be a key player for them.

Costa Rica aren't going anywhere. They are just going to fail. They were awful against the Ukraine last week, losing 4-0, letting in some crappy goals.

Poland might be the surprise team of the group, but Thomas Kuszczak (right) in net is a disaster. Did anyone see the goal he let in against Colombia on Tuesday? He let the other goalkeeper score from a clearance! Bounced right over his head. Jerzy Dudek should have been picked.

Main bullet point of this presentation - no one knows who will win the group, but unless Poland ditch Kuszczak, Germany and Ecuador should make it through to the next round.

...and we're off.

This blog belongs to Ben (pictured in a recent appearance at the football grounds beneath Valencia's Puente de Serranos), who is 9 years old, plays goal for his rep team, and is a bit football-obsessive. He has very serious views about World Cup Germany 2006 which he will share with you (via his father, the faithful typist) over the course of the next six weeks, no doubt with much trash-talking thrown in. Enjoy.