Friday, June 02, 2006

Group B (Eng/Par/Swe/T&T)

England. Rooney's definitely out for the group stage so England might have some very serious scoring problems in their first three games. It looks like Sven's tactical strategy will just be "go on! Give it to Crouch! Give it to Crouch!". Owen's form is terrible and Theo Walcott is only 17, and hasn't played a competitve game since January. Lampard, Gerrard an Joe Cole will have to do the scoring.

Paraguay. Roque Santa Cruz, the Bayern man, will be their key player, but will rely on the other Germany-based striker, Nelson Haedo-Valdez to provide him with chances.

Sweden. They won't do well at all. No decent striker (Ibrahimovic hasn't played well for several months now; Larsson is probably to 0old to be effective), only one good defender (Mellberg). If Freddie Ljungberg is healthy they might avoid coming last.

Trinidad and Tobago. I think they could surprise people by drawing a couple of games, but they still aren't good enough to win. Even if Stern John, their all-time leading scorer, steps up, third place is as much as they can hope for.

Main bullet point for this presentation: Even a bad England team could get through this group. England and Paraguay will go through.